Information for parents.


 General Information
We are  inspected regularly by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)   to check on the premises and the quality of the education offered. 
All staff have statutory checks before being allowed to work with the   children.
Our term times relate to Oxfordshire school term times with some minor variations for in- service training. 
The government funds up to five sessions a week for children from the    term after their third birthday.  
Newsletters are sent out by email/hard copy  at the beginning of each term detailing activities for that term, and keeping you up to date with any changes.
We have an interest shelf that changes weekly and we encourage       children to bring appropriate items for this so they feel more involved.          The theme for the shelf is on the letter sent home at the beginning of each term.  Please make sure anything brought in is named this includes coats, jumpers and shoes.  If you require name labels' for clothing etc, go to, the nursery receive a percentage of sales if you enter Queensdown Nursery OX9 where it asks for registered group.
Milk or water and a piece of fruit is offered halfway through the session. We ask for a voluntary donation of £10 a term to help with this provision.  The donation is also used for any baking or topic related activities used during the term.
We encourage outdoor play throughout the year even in wet weather, we have artificial grass so this enables us to go out most days!
It is helpful if they wear clothing that allows them to go to the toilet themselves.
We ask you to provide two flannel sized towels, named and with a hanging loop. Two the same helps them.  These will be changed weekly by the children!  They  are sent home with one parent to wash and return the following week.  You will only be asked to wash them once a year so don't panic!
We have a procedure manual detailing how the nursery works please ask if you wish to look at it.
We run a Lunch club everyday from 11.30 – 12.30 at a fee of £3.50, please bring lunch in an insulated box.  Morning children can stay until 12.30, afternoon children can start at 11.30.
Session Times
Mornings   8.30 – 11.30
Afternoons          12.30 –  3.30
When you arrive for your session encourage your child to hang up their coat so that they will know where it is later.  There will be a name card for your child on the table, which needs to be taken and put into a pocket.
Sometimes children find leaving a parent difficult and may cry, usually this only last a few minutes. However if this happens and you are worried we recommend ringing/texting us after half an hour to check how they are.  We will always text you.
You will be given a contact form to fill in, please keep this up to date as we will need to contact you if your child is very unhappy or not feeling well.

We require a terms notice before your child leaves the nursery or a terms fees will be payable.

We use Lord Williams’s sports hall for a PE session most mornings, we use a walking rope to cross the car park. The children love the sports hall!
We do take photographs of the children doing nursery activities, these are displayed in the nursery and in photo albums.  Photos of your child will not be given to anyone without your permission.  You are asked to sign the permission form on the back of the health form for these.
We have permission to use the adjacent car park for dropping off and picking up only. Please use the car park and not the road leading to the car park.


We cannot accept a child with an infectious illness.  Please inform us if your child contracts one.  Children who have vomiting or have diarrhoea cannot return until 48 hours after the last attack.  This is Oxfordshire county councils ruling.  If your child uses a blue inhaler, however infrequently, we must have one that stays at Nursery.  It will need to be named and in sealable bag.
The nursery is funded by government payments per child which covers the basic costs of the nursery, and staff wages.  For any extra purchases especially larger equipment we need to fundraise.  We organise a few events a year, i.e. quiz nights and raffles and a photographer comes each year. 
If you have any concerns or complaints please speak to one of us and we will do our utmost to sort it out.  If you are still unhappy you can refer it to OFSTED.  Their address is;
The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Helpline   03001231231

We are available to speak to parents at the beginning or end of a session,  if you wish to talk in private this can be arranged.  Each term we offer a timed meeting for parents of new children or those leaving us. 
Please remember that we have the interest of your child at heart and any major upset at home is bound to affect your child.  It does help us to know of anything that may affect them, anything told to nursery in confidence will remain confidential.
We hope your association with Queensdown will be happy.

Natalie Rayner       NNEB  
Claire Taylor           Level 3
Kate Giles
Luke Rayner


Queensdown Nursery,  64a Queens Road,  Thame,  Oxon,  OX9 3NQ
01844 213039 / 07908 243180